Foundational Seminars


The Shepherds School of Ministry (SSOM) offers four seminars that are foundational to the Christian lifestyle. They are presented in 2-hour long evening seminar sessions and run over a number of weeks:

1. Spiritual Growth
2. Discipleship 101
3. Fishers of Men
4. Biblical Foundations for Life

Other training seminars include:

1. Biblical Principles of Marriage
2. Under Cover
3. Teachers Training

Spiritual Growth

The Spiritual Growth Seminar is a prerequisite seminar for anyone who seeks to become a member of The Bay CFC. It is during this seminar that any believer, regardless of how long they have been a Christian, will receive key insights and revelation into many powerful aspects of the kingdom of God, including water baptism by immersion, having your prayers answered, living a successful life, understanding practical aspects of faith and many others. This seminar will change your life!


  • Your rich inheritance as a member of heaven’s family
  • How to pray for definite results
  • Water baptism by immersion
  • How to receive and use the power or ability of God in your life
  • How to Praise and Worship God in spirit and in truth
  • Understanding the basics of biblical finances
  • How to become effective and active for God

Discipleship 101

The goal for every Christian should be to make it to heaven and hear Jesus say, ‘Well done good and faithful servant…!’ This seminar will prepare and teach you how to disciple yourself and others to live a Christian life well-pleasing and glorifying to God, to achieve this goal. You will be amazed at how quickly you will mature and develop spiritually by practising the truths learned on this seminar, plus you will begin to live a far more fulfilled and purposeful Christian life. This seminar is a must for every Christian who wants to prepare for his/her eternal future with Jesus in heaven.


  • A foundation for discipleship
  • How to disciple Part 1 & 2
  • The heart of a disciple
  • You are a disciple of Jesus

Fishers of Men

This comprehensive soulwinning seminar will teach you a practical and simple way to win souls. You will experience the joy of leading your family, friends, work associates and even strangers to Christ once you have done this seminar.


  • What is the great commission of Jesus Christ?
  • What is the relationship between God and man in witnessing?
  • What is satan’s greatest deception?
  • Using your personal testimony
  • What was Christ’s first and last instruction to the church?

Biblical Foundations for Life

This course builds on the fundamentals previously presented in Spiritual Growth Seminar and seeks to expand your understanding of deepening your relationship with God.
Biblical Foundations is a perfect Christian Educational opportunity for those desiring a closer and more mature spiritual relationship with God.


  • The Godhead
  • The person and ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • The Integrity of the Word
  • Developing a life of prayer
  • The ministry of angels
  • Your private time with God each day
  • Faith and how it works
  • Your words are a creative force
  • Knowing God’s love and showing it
  • What it means to be a disciple of Jesus
  • Divine healing
  • Divine prosperity